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FF Spring Forward Incentive starting April 8th

Apr 4, 2024 - May 31, 2024

  • 58Days
  • 66Steps


At FF we know that a ‘small behaviour’ approach to Health and Fitness is key to success. It’s about building Healthy Habits to a stage where they become a natural part of our Routine.  We focus on SMALL science-backed healthy behaviours that are ACHIEVABLE with our busy lifestyles. This is why we changed our language from Challenges to Incentives.  Our Incentives are never about reaching a certain weight loss by a certain end date. It’s about building and then maintaining healthy habits so that they become a natural part of our routine, like cleaning our teeth, helping us feel healthier and happier. Then, if desired, weight loss or becoming ‘toned’ becomes a natural byproduct. As is evident from many of our long term members, this is what elevates our quality of life rather than focusing purely on a weightless goal. Do you feel like you start every new term with good intensions that are short-lived? If so, ask yourself this: Instead of blaming my character, how can I change my approach? Fiercely Fit’s Spring Forward Incentive starting on Monday is designed to help you commence/return to/maintain your healthy lifestyle by simplifying some key healthy habits, with guided reflection and action setting which are science-backed health promoting practices which are achievable for Busy women.

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6 Plans Available, From £15.00/month


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