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fiercely fit virtual classes

This programme focuses on strength training. Strength training if often overlooked by females as they are convinced that sweaty cardio is more effective and that they will end up bulking if they lift weights. By following this programme for just 4 weeks you will start to feel and see many benefits and realise its importance for your vitality and longevity. 

The four weekly workouts will take place live on Zoom and the private Instagram Group on the following times: 

  • Monday Lower Body 7:00pm (45 minutes)

  • Wednesday Upper Body 6:30am (45 minutes)

  • Saturdays Full Body 9:00am (30 minutes)

  • Bonus Blast time announced a week in advance (20 minutes)

 (times are subject to change.)

All workouts are then permanently saved to a private page for you to complete at a time that suits you.

The programme also includes:

  • Full access to the Fiercely Fit Community

  • Monthly Group Challenges

  • Access to 110+ saved sessions



Each session includes the warm up and cool down.    


Equipment: you will need some dumbbells (or filled water bottles etc) mini resistance band (or no band) and a mat. 


 The monthly cost to join is £25. 

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