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About fiercely fit

Supporting Women

Fiercely Fit is a super supportive, encouraging and inspiring Community for Women who have a common interest of wanting to prioritise their health and wellbeing.

At Fiercely Fit we place emphasis on the importance of exercising to feel good, both physically and mentally. The long term goal ultimately is to live a long happy and healthy life.

By making the "goal" to enjoy moving our bodies whilst also understanding the benefits of resistance training along with honouring relatively simple healthy habits, weight loss and aesthetic goals then become a natural biproduct of the process.

On joining Fiercely Fit's safe and supportive environment, where the narrative is strong over skinny, nutrients over calories, listening and respecting the body over beasting it, and valuing the importance of community, you will quickly see your wellbeing rocket.

I am a passionate female personal trainer offering group and one to one sessions, with one big focus: creating a supportive, encouraging and empowering community for like minded Women. I don’t work from a gym – my gym is nature. All my face to face classes are conducted in the great outdoors, from local beautiful parks, gardens and beaches. However, I know how busy life can be so I also offer virtual classes four times a week that you can do in the comfort of your own home live or on catch up at a time convenient to you.  

When you sign up with Fiercely Fit, you will experience more than just a fitness class, you will have entry to the amazing community of women via a private WhatsApp and Facebook group, as well as access to nutritional information, group challenges, choir and book club, and direct support and accountability from myself. 

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meet gemma

"Gemma is a great motivator"

Hi, I’m Gemma, most importantly I am a mother to two of the most handsome boys (obviously I’m biased!) and wife to a pretty awesome fella. 


Until recently I was head of Science at a local Welsh comprehensive. In March 2021 I qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer.


Why the change??


Lockdown 1.0 I know was tough for many, but for me it was an opportunity. Time to finally slow down and reflect on my life. I realised that my life had been driven by society norms and expectations. So in September 2020 I started this new journey of becoming a Personal Trainer and I left the teaching profession in August 2021 to follow my dream on helping women feel their best selves through being active.


Empowering women through fitness is a passion of mine. I love getting wonderful women together and helping them rediscover the amazing feeling of working out and the importance of investing time in themselves after so many years of putting others first and themselves last.


Being a mother of two young boys and having had a husband who worked away a lot, I know how difficult it can be to find time to priorities yourself. However I can help you realise that you can find time by making small little changes which lead to great rewards. 


I provide a safe, flexible and effective exercise experience, comprising of outdoor and virtual workouts, allowing my female clients to leave feeling confident and more energised. Quickly they will feel empowered and inspired to manifest positive changes in their lives and to become more active, healthier and happier.

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