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The Fiercely Fit
Virtual Package

This programme focuses on strength training. Strength training if often overlooked by females as they are convinced that sweaty cardio is more effective and that they will end up bulking if they lift weights. By following this programme for just 4 weeks you will start to feel and see many benefits both physically and mentally and realise its importance for your vitality and longevity.



Fiercely Fit Face2Face

All of my face to face classes are conducted in the great outdoors in various beautiful Parks, Gardens and beaches around the Mumbles area. They involve weighted and body weight movements and will focus on working the full body. Come and feel motivated and train with like minded local ladies and leave feeling energised.

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Fiercely Fit Hybrid Package

To have full access to the virtual programme as well as free access to all of Gemma’s outdoor classes and feel the benefit of a holistic approach to training - mixing it up keeps you motivated and engaged, and this package is perfect for those ladies with busy lives.


Bolt Ons

Rather than increasing our monthly fees for all members with all of our extra opportunities on offer, we are offering Bolt Ons to those who wish to try out new activities. Available to non members and to members at a reduced rate. 


Click the link to see what's on offer this month

What our Fiercely Fit Clients Say


I have never enjoyed exercise I've just endured it. This is totally different. I never find an excuse to miss a workout even on catch up. It's just habit and being part of a like minded community online is better than any gym membership or class I've done before.


Another 4 weeks and I feel even stronger, healthier, fitter and more confident. Every aspect of my strength and fitness has improved and I continue to love the classes. I particularly enjoy all the challenges and Gemma is just a great motivator.

I cannot explain how amazing Gemma’s live workouts have been. Gemma is so motivating and supportive during all her sessions. I love the fact that I am part of a community of women all striving to get fit and empowering each other. I love how we all support each other. It’s just brilliant.

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